All games from 61. Championship Italy with status Finished


Bondi, AndreaDe Lillo, Michele White wins 11/25/2011 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoBondi, Andrea Draw 6/13/2011 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaPezzica, Giuseppe Black wins 6/14/2011 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoBondi, Andrea Draw 8/3/2011 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaSecchi, Dino Draw 5/7/2011 Go to game
Cerrato, RobertoBondi, Andrea Draw 4/4/2011 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaSavoca, Alfredo Black wins 6/27/2011 Go to game
Tricomi, MassimoBondi, Andrea Draw 7/18/2011 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaRiccio, Eros Draw 6/27/2011 Go to game
Santorelli, AntonioBondi, Andrea White wins 9/1/2011 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaBoccia, Mattia Mario Draw 4/26/2011 Go to game
Gerola, GiorgioBondi, Andrea White wins 1/19/2012 Go to game
De Lillo, MicheleAntonone, Riccardo Draw 4/27/2011 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppeDe Lillo, Michele White wins 5/5/2011 Go to game
De Lillo, MichelePannullo, Umberto Draw 8/17/2011 Go to game
Secchi, DinoDe Lillo, Michele Draw 4/9/2011 Go to game
De Lillo, MicheleCerrato, Roberto Black wins 9/11/2011 Go to game
Savoca, AlfredoDe Lillo, Michele White wins 9/11/2011 Go to game
De Lillo, MicheleTricomi, Massimo Draw 10/19/2011 Go to game
Riccio, ErosDe Lillo, Michele White wins 12/24/2011 Go to game
De Lillo, MicheleSantorelli, Antonio Draw 8/18/2011 Go to game
Boccia, Mattia MarioDe Lillo, Michele White wins 1/12/2012 Go to game
De Lillo, MicheleGerola, Giorgio Black wins 1/29/2012 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoPezzica, Giuseppe Draw 6/24/2011 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoAntonone, Riccardo Black wins 6/9/2012 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoSecchi, Dino Draw 11/25/2011 Go to game
Cerrato, RobertoAntonone, Riccardo Draw 11/5/2012 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoSavoca, Alfredo Black wins 11/25/2011 Go to game
Tricomi, MassimoAntonone, Riccardo Draw 6/5/2012 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoRiccio, Eros Black wins 10/11/2012 Go to game
Santorelli, AntonioAntonone, Riccardo White wins 5/2/2012 Go to game
Antonone, RiccardoBoccia, Mattia Mario Draw 9/2/2011 Go to game
Gerola, GiorgioAntonone, Riccardo White wins 2/8/2012 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppePannullo, Umberto White wins 11/27/2011 Go to game
Secchi, DinoPezzica, Giuseppe Draw 6/13/2011 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppeCerrato, Roberto White wins 9/3/2011 Go to game
Savoca, AlfredoPezzica, Giuseppe Draw 8/21/2011 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppeTricomi, Massimo White wins 10/10/2011 Go to game
Riccio, ErosPezzica, Giuseppe Draw 6/27/2011 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppeSantorelli, Antonio Draw 7/15/2011 Go to game
Boccia, Mattia MarioPezzica, Giuseppe Draw 5/11/2011 Go to game
Pezzica, GiuseppeGerola, Giorgio Draw 6/22/2011 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoSecchi, Dino Black wins 1/1/2012 Go to game
Cerrato, RobertoPannullo, Umberto White wins 11/27/2011 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoSavoca, Alfredo Black wins 11/27/2011 Go to game
Tricomi, MassimoPannullo, Umberto White wins 8/16/2012 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoRiccio, Eros Black wins 1/8/2012 Go to game
Santorelli, AntonioPannullo, Umberto White wins 7/11/2012 Go to game
Pannullo, UmbertoBoccia, Mattia Mario Black wins 11/18/2011 Go to game
Gerola, GiorgioPannullo, Umberto Draw 1/7/2012 Go to game


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