All games from Finland - Bulgaria with status Finished


Dimov, IskrenSiikaluoma, Auno Draw 4/8/2011 Go to game
Siikaluoma, AunoDimov, Iskren Draw 6/16/2011 Go to game
Sapundjiev, GeorgiRaivio, Pertti Draw 3/29/2011 Go to game
Raivio, PerttiSapundjiev, Georgi Draw 5/5/2011 Go to game
Dimitrov, DeyanKlemettinen, Pentti Draw 1/5/2012 Go to game
Klemettinen, PenttiDimitrov, Deyan Draw 8/27/2011 Go to game
Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovLaine, Panu Draw 2/3/2011 Go to game
Laine, PanuKirkov, Toshko Dimitrov Draw 4/6/2011 Go to game
Belchev, Branimir PetrovTeeriaho, Tuomo Draw 5/31/2011 Go to game
Teeriaho, TuomoBelchev, Branimir Petrov Draw 5/31/2011 Go to game
Chetalov, DimitarJäderholm, Bo White wins 12/7/2011 Go to game
Jäderholm, BoChetalov, Dimitar Draw 9/14/2011 Go to game
Yordanova, SvetlaLehtosaari, Jyrki Draw 3/30/2011 Go to game
Lehtosaari, JyrkiYordanova, Svetla Draw 3/30/2011 Go to game
Yordanov, NikolayKauppinen, Martti Draw 7/12/2011 Go to game
Kauppinen, MarttiYordanov, Nikolay Draw 6/17/2011 Go to game
Marinov, PetyoTanni, Kalle Draw 12/27/2011 Go to game
Tanni, KalleMarinov, Petyo Black wins 5/10/2012 Go to game
Angelov, RumenArppi, Heikki Draw 12/26/2011 Go to game
Arppi, HeikkiAngelov, Rumen Draw 7/11/2011 Go to game
Vinchev, SimeonPesonen, Sakari Draw 2/17/2011 Go to game
Pesonen, SakariVinchev, Simeon Draw 2/18/2011 Go to game
Petrov, MilenPerkiömäki, Jari Draw 5/29/2011 Go to game
Perkiömäki, JariPetrov, Milen White wins 12/19/2011 Go to game
Davidov, AlexandarSalo, Kari White wins 9/11/2011 Go to game
Salo, KariDavidov, Alexandar White wins 11/5/2011 Go to game
Parushev, Alexandar MiroslavovLahdenmäki, Leo Black wins 4/8/2011 Go to game
Lahdenmäki, LeoParushev, Alexandar Miroslavov Black wins 5/18/2011 Go to game
Ignatov, BozhidarHuuskonen, Matti White wins 10/13/2011 Go to game
Huuskonen, MattiIgnatov, Bozhidar Draw 10/13/2011 Go to game
Simeonov, LyubenPohjosmäki, Risto Black wins 5/22/2011 Go to game
Pohjosmäki, RistoSimeonov, Lyuben White wins 4/11/2011 Go to game
Antonov, NikolaNisula, Timo Draw 5/24/2011 Go to game
Nisula, TimoAntonov, Nikola Draw 5/24/2011 Go to game
Tsonev, Boyko StefanovMujunen, Martti White wins 3/13/2011 Go to game
Mujunen, MarttiTsonev, Boyko Stefanov Draw 1/15/2011 Go to game
Davidov, Deian NikolovSieviläinen, Tuomo Draw 1/23/2011 Go to game
Sieviläinen, TuomoDavidov, Deian Nikolov White wins 3/30/2011 Go to game
Veselinov, Raicho PetrovJalas, Aaro Draw 1/19/2011 Go to game
Jalas, AaroVeselinov, Raicho Petrov Black wins 3/24/2011 Go to game

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