All games from Jubilee Tournament 25 Years Swiss CC Section B2 with status Finished


Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Hauenstein, Hans Draw 6/7/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 6/18/2011 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Daubenfeld, Nico Draw 12/15/2011 Go to game
Dambrauskas, VirginijusWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 8/11/2011 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Corbat, Philippe Draw 4/29/2011 Go to game
Cerrato, RobertoWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 10/10/2011 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Walker, Georg Draw 9/13/2011 Go to game
Staroske, UweWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 3/31/2012 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Vlasveld, W. Martin Draw 4/4/2011 Go to game
Thomsen, KeldWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 10/10/2011 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Schiendorfer, Reinhard Draw 2/15/2011 Go to game
Mendl, ManuelWeißleder, Wolfgang M. White wins 2/2/2012 Go to game
Weißleder, Wolfgang M.Salvador Marques, Carlos Draw 4/1/2012 Go to game
Laine, PanuWeißleder, Wolfgang M. Draw 6/7/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansStengelin, Martin White wins 8/26/2011 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoHauenstein, Hans Draw 5/27/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansDambrauskas, Virginijus Draw 5/8/2011 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeHauenstein, Hans Draw 1/17/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansCerrato, Roberto Draw 12/11/2010 Go to game
Walker, GeorgHauenstein, Hans Draw 1/1/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansStaroske, Uwe Draw 6/30/2011 Go to game
Vlasveld, W. MartinHauenstein, Hans Draw 5/4/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansThomsen, Keld Draw 3/25/2011 Go to game
Schiendorfer, ReinhardHauenstein, Hans White wins 4/23/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansMendl, Manuel Draw 3/12/2011 Go to game
Salvador Marques, CarlosHauenstein, Hans Draw 3/19/2011 Go to game
Hauenstein, HansLaine, Panu Draw 3/16/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 5/13/2011 Go to game
Dambrauskas, VirginijusStengelin, Martin Draw 5/17/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinCorbat, Philippe White wins 9/23/2011 Go to game
Cerrato, RobertoStengelin, Martin White wins 8/28/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinWalker, Georg Draw 1/22/2012 Go to game
Staroske, UweStengelin, Martin Draw 4/17/2012 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinVlasveld, W. Martin Draw 4/16/2011 Go to game
Thomsen, KeldStengelin, Martin Draw 4/3/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinSchiendorfer, Reinhard Draw 4/12/2012 Go to game
Mendl, ManuelStengelin, Martin Draw 6/29/2011 Go to game
Stengelin, MartinSalvador Marques, Carlos White wins 1/10/2012 Go to game
Laine, PanuStengelin, Martin Draw 4/3/2011 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoDambrauskas, Virginijus Draw 10/15/2011 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 2/1/2012 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoCerrato, Roberto Draw 4/9/2011 Go to game
Walker, GeorgDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 6/4/2012 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoStaroske, Uwe White wins 5/5/2012 Go to game
Vlasveld, W. MartinDaubenfeld, Nico White wins 2/18/2012 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoThomsen, Keld White wins 6/12/2011 Go to game
Schiendorfer, ReinhardDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 4/3/2011 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoMendl, Manuel Draw 6/28/2011 Go to game
Salvador Marques, CarlosDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 6/5/2011 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoLaine, Panu Draw 4/21/2012 Go to game


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