All games from 23. SFSM Vorgruppe 23-05 with status Finished


Galerne, RenéWelti, Manfred Black wins 12/6/2010 Go to game
Haller, PhilippGalerne, René Black defaulted 10/13/2010 Go to game
Galerne, RenéSánchez Villacanas, José White wins 8/9/2010 Go to game
Killer, OliverGalerne, René White wins 8/9/2010 Go to game
Galerne, RenéPreziuso, Toni Black wins 6/19/2010 Go to game
Müllhaupt, PhilippeGalerne, René Black defaulted 9/29/2010 Go to game
Welti, ManfredHaller, Philipp Draw 9/13/2010 Go to game
Sánchez Villacanas, JoséWelti, Manfred Black wins 6/13/2010 Go to game
Welti, ManfredKiller, Oliver Draw 6/23/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniWelti, Manfred White wins 11/29/2010 Go to game
Welti, ManfredMüllhaupt, Philippe Draw 10/17/2010 Go to game
Haller, PhilippSánchez Villacanas, José White wins 5/4/2010 Go to game
Killer, OliverHaller, Philipp White wins 8/22/2010 Go to game
Haller, PhilippPreziuso, Toni Draw 11/7/2010 Go to game
Müllhaupt, PhilippeHaller, Philipp Draw 1/18/2011 Go to game
Sánchez Villacanas, JoséKiller, Oliver Black wins 3/10/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniSánchez Villacanas, José White wins 4/7/2010 Go to game
Sánchez Villacanas, JoséMüllhaupt, Philippe Black wins 11/19/2010 Go to game
Killer, OliverPreziuso, Toni Draw 10/31/2010 Go to game
Müllhaupt, PhilippeKiller, Oliver Draw 9/18/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniMüllhaupt, Philippe Draw 12/27/2010 Go to game

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