All games from Champions League 2010 B Group 3 with status Finished


Schön, WernerVerhoef, Helge Draw 9/8/2010 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszSchön, Werner Draw 7/3/2010 Go to game
Schön, WernerNoble, Mark F. Draw 6/20/2010 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosSchön, Werner Draw 9/17/2010 Go to game
Schön, WernerRook, Detlef Draw 8/8/2010 Go to game
Schmidt, TheoSchön, Werner Draw 9/2/2010 Go to game
Schön, WernerKalchev, Joncho Draw 1/17/2011 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltSchön, Werner Draw 3/12/2010 Go to game
Schön, WernerPetrović, Đorđe R. White wins 2/17/2011 Go to game
Auch, StefanSchön, Werner Draw 7/20/2010 Go to game
Schön, WernerLubas, Józef White wins 8/4/2010 Go to game
Hofstetter, Hans-JoachimSchön, Werner Draw 11/17/2010 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeGronkowski, Dariusz Draw 1/18/2011 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Verhoef, Helge Draw 6/25/2010 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeAlonso González, Carlos Draw 11/8/2010 Go to game
Rook, DetlefVerhoef, Helge White wins 9/13/2011 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeSchmidt, Theo Draw 8/30/2010 Go to game
Kalchev, JonchoVerhoef, Helge Draw 11/23/2010 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeKaracsony, Zsolt White wins 1/2/2011 Go to game
Petrović, Đorđe R.Verhoef, Helge Draw 2/14/2011 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeAuch, Stefan Draw 9/23/2010 Go to game
Lubas, JózefVerhoef, Helge Draw 9/8/2010 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeHofstetter, Hans-Joachim White wins 5/5/2011 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszNoble, Mark F. Draw 3/6/2011 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosGronkowski, Dariusz Draw 11/19/2010 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszRook, Detlef Draw 1/23/2011 Go to game
Schmidt, TheoGronkowski, Dariusz Draw 10/4/2010 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszKalchev, Joncho Draw 4/7/2011 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltGronkowski, Dariusz Draw 6/12/2011 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszPetrović, Đorđe R. Draw 9/5/2010 Go to game
Auch, StefanGronkowski, Dariusz Draw 9/26/2010 Go to game
Gronkowski, DariuszLubas, Józef Draw 12/19/2010 Go to game
Hofstetter, Hans-JoachimGronkowski, Dariusz White wins 10/17/2011 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Alonso González, Carlos White wins 12/24/2010 Go to game
Rook, DetlefNoble, Mark F. Draw 6/3/2010 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Schmidt, Theo Draw 5/18/2010 Go to game
Kalchev, JonchoNoble, Mark F. Draw 5/5/2010 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Karacsony, Zsolt Draw 7/13/2010 Go to game
Petrović, Đorđe R.Noble, Mark F. Draw 8/10/2010 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Auch, Stefan Draw 9/23/2010 Go to game
Lubas, JózefNoble, Mark F. Draw 5/9/2010 Go to game
Noble, Mark F.Hofstetter, Hans-Joachim Draw 7/4/2010 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosRook, Detlef Black wins 2/24/2011 Go to game
Schmidt, TheoAlonso González, Carlos Draw 9/9/2010 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosKalchev, Joncho Draw 1/16/2011 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltAlonso González, Carlos Black wins 12/31/2010 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosPetrović, Đorđe R. White wins 12/7/2010 Go to game
Auch, StefanAlonso González, Carlos Black wins 4/12/2011 Go to game
Alonso González, CarlosLubas, Józef White wins 10/14/2010 Go to game
Hofstetter, Hans-JoachimAlonso González, Carlos White wins 3/13/2011 Go to game


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