All games from 22. Meisterschaft der Schweiz with status Finished


Preziuso, ToniWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 5/3/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippePreziuso, Toni White wins 8/9/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniMuri, Heinrich Draw 6/6/2010 Go to game
Fessler, StephanPreziuso, Toni Draw 7/14/2011 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniPfiffner, Peter Draw 11/8/2010 Go to game
Singeisen, HermannPreziuso, Toni Draw 7/4/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniTrumpf, Walter Draw 3/26/2010 Go to game
Hauser, JackPreziuso, Toni Draw 11/29/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniGermann, Josef Draw 1/29/2010 Go to game
Scherer, RolfPreziuso, Toni White wins 8/19/2010 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniSalzmann, Stefan White wins 6/15/2010 Go to game
Mayer, RogerPreziuso, Toni White wins 1/1/2011 Go to game
Preziuso, ToniGyger, Thomas Draw 3/9/2010 Go to game
Lenz, BorisPreziuso, Toni Black wins 5/24/2011 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Corbat, Philippe White wins 6/26/2010 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 2/8/2011 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Fessler, Stephan Draw 2/2/2010 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 6/17/2010 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Singeisen, Hermann White wins 3/5/2010 Go to game
Trumpf, WalterWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 3/25/2010 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Hauser, Jack Draw 4/1/2010 Go to game
Germann, JosefWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 3/31/2010 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Scherer, Rolf Draw 3/18/2010 Go to game
Salzmann, StefanWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. White wins 6/20/2010 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Mayer, Roger Draw 8/31/2010 Go to game
Gyger, ThomasWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 3/8/2010 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Lenz, Boris Black wins 7/9/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeMuri, Heinrich White wins 9/16/2010 Go to game
Fessler, StephanCorbat, Philippe White wins 4/3/2011 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippePfiffner, Peter White wins 7/23/2011 Go to game
Singeisen, HermannCorbat, Philippe Draw 9/27/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeTrumpf, Walter Draw 3/1/2010 Go to game
Hauser, JackCorbat, Philippe Draw 3/27/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeGermann, Josef White wins 5/27/2010 Go to game
Scherer, RolfCorbat, Philippe Draw 3/21/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeSalzmann, Stefan Draw 5/11/2010 Go to game
Mayer, RogerCorbat, Philippe White wins 10/29/2010 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeGyger, Thomas White wins 4/28/2010 Go to game
Lenz, BorisCorbat, Philippe Draw 5/6/2010 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichFessler, Stephan Black wins 7/18/2011 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterMuri, Heinrich White wins 6/19/2011 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichSingeisen, Hermann White wins 2/18/2011 Go to game
Trumpf, WalterMuri, Heinrich Draw 12/17/2010 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichHauser, Jack Draw 8/12/2010 Go to game
Germann, JosefMuri, Heinrich Draw 8/16/2010 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichScherer, Rolf Black wins 10/31/2010 Go to game
Salzmann, StefanMuri, Heinrich White wins 6/19/2011 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichMayer, Roger Draw 10/31/2011 Go to game
Gyger, ThomasMuri, Heinrich Draw 4/28/2010 Go to game
Muri, HeinrichLenz, Boris Draw 4/12/2011 Go to game


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