All games from I70099 - 2007 Email Championship with status Finished


Gach, AndrewAlbano, Anthony Draw 1/17/2010 Go to game
Hauser, DanielGach, Andrew White wins 12/26/2009 Go to game
Gach, AndrewHarnach, Charles White wins 10/13/2009 Go to game
Quirk, MichaelGach, Andrew White wins 12/20/2009 Go to game
Gach, AndrewEvans, Stanley W. White wins 11/11/2009 Go to game
Joseph, Peter D.Gach, Andrew Black wins 12/26/2009 Go to game
Albano, AnthonyHauser, Daniel Draw 11/17/2010 Go to game
Harnach, CharlesAlbano, Anthony Black wins 4/26/2010 Go to game
Albano, AnthonyQuirk, Michael White wins 2/20/2010 Go to game
Evans, Stanley W.Albano, Anthony Black wins 9/16/2009 Go to game
Albano, AnthonyJoseph, Peter D. White wins 3/14/2010 Go to game
Hauser, DanielHarnach, Charles White wins 12/3/2009 Go to game
Quirk, MichaelHauser, Daniel Black wins 3/21/2010 Go to game
Hauser, DanielEvans, Stanley W. White wins 9/7/2009 Go to game
Joseph, Peter D.Hauser, Daniel Black wins 7/9/2010 Go to game
Harnach, CharlesQuirk, Michael Draw 1/4/2010 Go to game
Evans, Stanley W.Harnach, Charles Black wins 10/4/2009 Go to game
Harnach, CharlesJoseph, Peter D. White wins 3/7/2010 Go to game
Quirk, MichaelEvans, Stanley W. White wins 9/18/2009 Go to game
Joseph, Peter D.Quirk, Michael Black wins 2/14/2010 Go to game
Evans, Stanley W.Joseph, Peter D. Black wins 9/19/2009 Go to game

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