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Repp, HeinrichJergler, Csaba Draw 11/13/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertRepp, Heinrich White wins 3/21/2011 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 12/31/2009 Go to game
Lounek, JanRepp, Heinrich Draw 6/14/2009 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichKögler, Klaus Draw 9/12/2009 Go to game
Mayer, RogerRepp, Heinrich Draw 7/9/2009 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichLins, Thomas Draw 6/5/2009 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheRepp, Heinrich Draw 3/5/2010 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichSchubert, Frank White wins 6/11/2010 Go to game
Seuchter, SiegfriedRepp, Heinrich Draw 9/5/2010 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichMortensen, Vilhelm Black defaulted 12/25/2009 Go to game
Bubir, SergeiRepp, Heinrich Draw 7/25/2009 Go to game
Repp, HeinrichFarkas, Zsolt Draw 7/19/2009 Go to game
Muck, ChristianRepp, Heinrich Draw 9/3/2009 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaSerradimigni, Robert Draw 8/3/2010 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelJergler, Csaba Draw 8/16/2010 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaLounek, Jan Draw 8/3/2010 Go to game
Kögler, KlausJergler, Csaba Draw 7/13/2010 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaMayer, Roger White wins 12/17/2011 Go to game
Lins, ThomasJergler, Csaba Draw 4/10/2010 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaJaulneau, Christophe Draw 9/2/2010 Go to game
Schubert, FrankJergler, Csaba Draw 8/8/2011 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaSeuchter, Siegfried White wins 11/23/2010 Go to game
Mortensen, VilhelmJergler, Csaba Black wins 11/9/2010 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaBubir, Sergei White wins 9/9/2010 Go to game
Farkas, ZsoltJergler, Csaba Black wins 5/12/2011 Go to game
Jergler, CsabaMuck, Christian White wins 11/4/2010 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 5/28/2010 Go to game
Lounek, JanSerradimigni, Robert Draw 8/29/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertKögler, Klaus White wins 5/31/2011 Go to game
Mayer, RogerSerradimigni, Robert Draw 8/29/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertLins, Thomas Draw 1/13/2010 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheSerradimigni, Robert Draw 7/14/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertSchubert, Frank Draw 1/17/2010 Go to game
Seuchter, SiegfriedSerradimigni, Robert Draw 10/4/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertMortensen, Vilhelm Draw 11/4/2010 Go to game
Bubir, SergeiSerradimigni, Robert Draw 11/23/2009 Go to game
Serradimigni, RobertFarkas, Zsolt White wins 5/5/2010 Go to game
Muck, ChristianSerradimigni, Robert Draw 9/20/2009 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelLounek, Jan Draw 2/14/2010 Go to game
Kögler, KlausCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 4/4/2010 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelMayer, Roger White wins 1/6/2011 Go to game
Lins, ThomasCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 6/21/2010 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelJaulneau, Christophe Draw 1/7/2011 Go to game
Schubert, FrankCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 8/13/2010 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelSeuchter, Siegfried White wins 4/9/2010 Go to game
Mortensen, VilhelmCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Black wins 6/28/2010 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelBubir, Sergei Draw 4/1/2010 Go to game
Farkas, ZsoltCánovas Pordomingo, Miguel Angel Draw 11/10/2009 Go to game
Cánovas Pordomingo, Miguel AngelMuck, Christian Draw 4/12/2010 Go to game


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