All games from Mare Nostrum III with status Finished


Tinture, LaurentRiccio, Eros Draw 4/7/2009 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreTinture, Laurent Draw 10/5/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentElent, Michael Draw 7/16/2008 Go to game
Reig Piñol, ArmandTinture, Laurent Draw 3/2/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentGoze, Tolga Draw 5/1/2008 Go to game
Cvetnić, VladimirTinture, Laurent Draw 9/9/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentKrajnc, Leon Draw 3/22/2008 Go to game
Donnenfeld, PatriceTinture, Laurent Draw 1/22/2009 Go to game
Riccio, ErosMontella, Salvatore White wins 11/16/2009 Go to game
Elent, MichaelRiccio, Eros Black wins 11/17/2008 Go to game
Riccio, ErosReig Piñol, Armand White wins 4/5/2009 Go to game
Goze, TolgaRiccio, Eros Black wins 5/27/2009 Go to game
Riccio, ErosCvetnić, Vladimir White wins 7/31/2009 Go to game
Krajnc, LeonRiccio, Eros Draw 11/29/2008 Go to game
Riccio, ErosDonnenfeld, Patrice White wins 4/7/2008 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreElent, Michael Draw 11/16/2008 Go to game
Reig Piñol, ArmandMontella, Salvatore Draw 6/15/2008 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreGoze, Tolga Draw 11/14/2008 Go to game
Cvetnić, VladimirMontella, Salvatore White wins 12/20/2008 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreKrajnc, Leon Black wins 11/27/2008 Go to game
Donnenfeld, PatriceMontella, Salvatore Draw 8/28/2008 Go to game
Elent, MichaelReig Piñol, Armand Black wins 11/4/2008 Go to game
Goze, TolgaElent, Michael Draw 1/20/2009 Go to game
Elent, MichaelCvetnić, Vladimir Draw 5/26/2008 Go to game
Krajnc, LeonElent, Michael White wins 11/25/2008 Go to game
Elent, MichaelDonnenfeld, Patrice Draw 3/6/2009 Go to game
Reig Piñol, ArmandGoze, Tolga White wins 1/5/2009 Go to game
Cvetnić, VladimirReig Piñol, Armand Draw 5/8/2008 Go to game
Reig Piñol, ArmandKrajnc, Leon Draw 2/23/2008 Go to game
Donnenfeld, PatriceReig Piñol, Armand Draw 3/23/2008 Go to game
Goze, TolgaCvetnić, Vladimir Draw 11/25/2008 Go to game
Krajnc, LeonGoze, Tolga White wins 1/4/2009 Go to game
Goze, TolgaDonnenfeld, Patrice Draw 6/16/2008 Go to game
Cvetnić, VladimirKrajnc, Leon Draw 3/2/2008 Go to game
Donnenfeld, PatriceCvetnić, Vladimir White wins 1/29/2009 Go to game
Krajnc, LeonDonnenfeld, Patrice White wins 11/3/2008 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaBaroin, Bernard White wins 4/2/2009 Go to game
Baroin, BernardRuggieri, Oliviero Draw 11/26/2008 Go to game
Peli, GioraBaroin, Bernard White wins 12/24/2008 Go to game
Baroin, BernardFernández Vicente, Carmelo Black wins 2/14/2009 Go to game
Satici, AydinBaroin, Bernard Draw 8/24/2008 Go to game
Baroin, BernardTešić, Zdravko Draw 9/17/2008 Go to game
Čopar, AntonBaroin, Bernard White wins 3/30/2009 Go to game
Baroin, BernardRozier, Denis White wins 8/16/2008 Go to game
Ruggieri, OlivieroLatronico, Nicola Black wins 10/3/2008 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaPeli, Giora Draw 10/22/2008 Go to game
Fernández Vicente, CarmeloLatronico, Nicola Draw 5/15/2008 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaSatici, Aydin White wins 8/20/2008 Go to game
Tešić, ZdravkoLatronico, Nicola Draw 7/6/2008 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaČopar, Anton Draw 10/12/2008 Go to game


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