All games from 53. Championship Poland Semifinal 2 with status Finished


Kuśnierz, JanuszGrabowski, Benedykt Draw 7/11/2008 Go to game
Łucki, StanisławKuśnierz, Janusz White wins 2/11/2008 Go to game
Kuśnierz, JanuszWernikiewicz, Zbigniew Draw 8/22/2008 Go to game
Grochowski, MariuszKuśnierz, Janusz White wins 5/15/2008 Go to game
Kuśnierz, JanuszMucha, Bogusław Draw 4/13/2008 Go to game
Krygier, IreneuszKuśnierz, Janusz White wins 2/18/2008 Go to game
Kuśnierz, JanuszKolanek, Roman Draw 5/14/2008 Go to game
Garus, JerzyKuśnierz, Janusz Draw 8/24/2008 Go to game
Kuśnierz, JanuszBortkun, Edmund White wins 2/23/2008 Go to game
Turczyński, MarianKuśnierz, Janusz White wins 6/1/2008 Go to game
Grabowski, BenedyktŁucki, Stanisław Draw 5/2/2008 Go to game
Wernikiewicz, ZbigniewGrabowski, Benedykt White wins 2/28/2009 Go to game
Grabowski, BenedyktGrochowski, Mariusz White wins 9/24/2009 Go to game
Mucha, BogusławGrabowski, Benedykt Draw 9/1/2008 Go to game
Grabowski, BenedyktKrygier, Ireneusz Black wins 10/15/2008 Go to game
Kolanek, RomanGrabowski, Benedykt White wins 5/26/2008 Go to game
Grabowski, BenedyktGarus, Jerzy Draw 10/26/2008 Go to game
Bortkun, EdmundGrabowski, Benedykt Draw 10/26/2008 Go to game
Grabowski, BenedyktTurczyński, Marian Black wins 1/26/2009 Go to game
Łucki, StanisławWernikiewicz, Zbigniew Black wins 11/4/2008 Go to game
Grochowski, MariuszŁucki, Stanisław Black wins 8/5/2009 Go to game
Łucki, StanisławMucha, Bogusław Draw 4/24/2008 Go to game
Krygier, IreneuszŁucki, Stanisław Black wins 3/10/2008 Go to game
Łucki, StanisławKolanek, Roman Draw 2/23/2008 Go to game
Garus, JerzyŁucki, Stanisław Draw 4/17/2008 Go to game
Łucki, StanisławBortkun, Edmund White wins 2/9/2008 Go to game
Turczyński, MarianŁucki, Stanisław Draw 4/23/2008 Go to game
Wernikiewicz, ZbigniewGrochowski, Mariusz White wins 6/27/2009 Go to game
Mucha, BogusławWernikiewicz, Zbigniew Draw 2/2/2009 Go to game
Wernikiewicz, ZbigniewKrygier, Ireneusz White wins 8/17/2009 Go to game
Kolanek, RomanWernikiewicz, Zbigniew Draw 3/4/2009 Go to game
Wernikiewicz, ZbigniewGarus, Jerzy White wins 8/24/2008 Go to game
Bortkun, EdmundWernikiewicz, Zbigniew Black wins 12/21/2008 Go to game
Wernikiewicz, ZbigniewTurczyński, Marian Draw 8/3/2008 Go to game
Grochowski, MariuszMucha, Bogusław Draw 9/29/2009 Go to game
Krygier, IreneuszGrochowski, Mariusz Draw 8/28/2008 Go to game
Grochowski, MariuszKolanek, Roman Black wins 1/1/2009 Go to game
Garus, JerzyGrochowski, Mariusz Black wins 5/11/2009 Go to game
Grochowski, MariuszBortkun, Edmund White wins 10/24/2008 Go to game
Turczyński, MarianGrochowski, Mariusz Draw 10/1/2008 Go to game
Mucha, BogusławKrygier, Ireneusz Draw 2/25/2008 Go to game
Kolanek, RomanMucha, Bogusław Draw 4/14/2008 Go to game
Mucha, BogusławGarus, Jerzy Draw 10/14/2009 Go to game
Bortkun, EdmundMucha, Bogusław Black wins 3/6/2008 Go to game
Mucha, BogusławTurczyński, Marian Black wins 5/13/2009 Go to game
Krygier, IreneuszKolanek, Roman Draw 3/13/2008 Go to game
Garus, JerzyKrygier, Ireneusz Black wins 8/22/2008 Go to game
Krygier, IreneuszBortkun, Edmund White wins 2/18/2008 Go to game
Turczyński, MarianKrygier, Ireneusz Draw 6/14/2008 Go to game
Kolanek, RomanGarus, Jerzy Draw 5/23/2008 Go to game


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