All games from Memorial Bernstein A with status Finished


Saenko, OlegTinture, Laurent White wins 5/24/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisSaenko, Oleg Black wins 3/15/2009 Go to game
Saenko, OlegJaulneau, Christophe White wins 1/23/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Saenko, Oleg Draw 8/4/2008 Go to game
Saenko, OlegBanet, Jean Draw 3/2/2008 Go to game
Goncharenko, GeorgySaenko, Oleg Draw 12/24/2007 Go to game
Saenko, OlegSukhodolsky, Alexandr Draw 3/7/2008 Go to game
Muneret, MauriceSaenko, Oleg Draw 3/27/2008 Go to game
Saenko, OlegAndriuschenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich Draw 10/27/2008 Go to game
Stull, NorbertSaenko, Oleg White wins 3/23/2008 Go to game
Saenko, OlegDegterev, Pavel Draw 5/7/2008 Go to game
Del Vecchio, AlainSaenko, Oleg Draw 3/20/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentGorokhovsky, Boris Draw 6/29/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheTinture, Laurent White wins 6/11/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentKuznetsov, Sergey P. Draw 4/11/2008 Go to game
Banet, JeanTinture, Laurent Draw 5/28/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentGoncharenko, Georgy Draw 3/13/2008 Go to game
Sukhodolsky, AlexandrTinture, Laurent Draw 9/29/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentMuneret, Maurice Draw 9/18/2008 Go to game
Andriuschenko, Nikolay NikolaevichTinture, Laurent Draw 11/4/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentStull, Norbert Draw 5/4/2008 Go to game
Degterev, PavelTinture, Laurent Draw 9/10/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentDel Vecchio, Alain Black wins 10/14/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisJaulneau, Christophe Draw 9/25/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Gorokhovsky, Boris Draw 6/10/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisBanet, Jean Draw 9/15/2008 Go to game
Goncharenko, GeorgyGorokhovsky, Boris Draw 1/24/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisSukhodolsky, Alexandr Draw 1/16/2009 Go to game
Muneret, MauriceGorokhovsky, Boris Draw 10/16/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisAndriuschenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich Draw 7/28/2009 Go to game
Stull, NorbertGorokhovsky, Boris Draw 10/1/2008 Go to game
Gorokhovsky, BorisDegterev, Pavel Draw 9/10/2008 Go to game
Del Vecchio, AlainGorokhovsky, Boris Draw 11/28/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheKuznetsov, Sergey P. White wins 3/14/2009 Go to game
Banet, JeanJaulneau, Christophe Draw 3/31/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheGoncharenko, Georgy Draw 12/25/2007 Go to game
Sukhodolsky, AlexandrJaulneau, Christophe Black wins 8/15/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheMuneret, Maurice Draw 1/28/2008 Go to game
Andriuschenko, Nikolay NikolaevichJaulneau, Christophe Draw 10/20/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheStull, Norbert Draw 1/28/2008 Go to game
Degterev, PavelJaulneau, Christophe Draw 4/20/2008 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheDel Vecchio, Alain White wins 11/2/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Banet, Jean Black wins 12/15/2008 Go to game
Goncharenko, GeorgyKuznetsov, Sergey P. Draw 2/12/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Sukhodolsky, Alexandr Black wins 3/23/2009 Go to game
Muneret, MauriceKuznetsov, Sergey P. Draw 5/22/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Andriuschenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich White wins 8/19/2009 Go to game
Stull, NorbertKuznetsov, Sergey P. Draw 4/23/2008 Go to game
Kuznetsov, Sergey P.Degterev, Pavel Black wins 3/19/2009 Go to game
Del Vecchio, AlainKuznetsov, Sergey P. Draw 7/18/2008 Go to game


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