All games from Alfonsino Lannaioli Memorial with status Finished


Plomp, Michiel P.Tocháček, Michal Draw 1/31/2008 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterPlomp, Michiel P. Draw 12/17/2008 Go to game
Plomp, Michiel P.Toth, Bela Draw 4/9/2008 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltPlomp, Michiel P. Draw 4/6/2008 Go to game
Plomp, Michiel P.Nimtz, Manfred Black wins 11/24/2008 Go to game
Olivotto, LivioPlomp, Michiel P. Draw 6/29/2008 Go to game
Plomp, Michiel P.Boger, Raymond Draw 4/28/2008 Go to game
Soltau, AchimPlomp, Michiel P. Draw 9/9/2007 Go to game
Plomp, Michiel P.Giuliani, Sante Draw 3/6/2008 Go to game
Karkuth, SiegfriedPlomp, Michiel P. Draw 2/1/2008 Go to game
Plomp, Michiel P.Dosi, Alberto Draw 2/25/2009 Go to game
Soberano, Joaquim PedroPlomp, Michiel P. White wins 7/9/2010 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalWunderlich, Hans-Dieter White wins 10/24/2008 Go to game
Toth, BelaTocháček, Michal White wins 3/8/2009 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalKaracsony, Zsolt White wins 4/20/2008 Go to game
Nimtz, ManfredTocháček, Michal Draw 3/3/2008 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalOlivotto, Livio White wins 3/27/2008 Go to game
Boger, RaymondTocháček, Michal Draw 2/21/2008 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalSoltau, Achim Draw 9/17/2007 Go to game
Giuliani, SanteTocháček, Michal Draw 1/3/2008 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalKarkuth, Siegfried White wins 4/5/2009 Go to game
Dosi, AlbertoTocháček, Michal Draw 3/21/2008 Go to game
Tocháček, MichalSoberano, Joaquim Pedro Draw 3/30/2008 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterToth, Bela Draw 12/24/2008 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltWunderlich, Hans-Dieter Draw 2/9/2008 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterNimtz, Manfred White wins 12/13/2008 Go to game
Olivotto, LivioWunderlich, Hans-Dieter White wins 10/12/2008 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterBoger, Raymond Draw 4/12/2008 Go to game
Soltau, AchimWunderlich, Hans-Dieter Draw 3/25/2008 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterGiuliani, Sante Draw 3/15/2008 Go to game
Karkuth, SiegfriedWunderlich, Hans-Dieter Black wins 5/27/2009 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterDosi, Alberto White wins 2/23/2009 Go to game
Soberano, Joaquim PedroWunderlich, Hans-Dieter Draw 6/9/2008 Go to game
Toth, BelaKaracsony, Zsolt Draw 5/24/2008 Go to game
Nimtz, ManfredToth, Bela White wins 10/20/2008 Go to game
Toth, BelaOlivotto, Livio Draw 2/26/2009 Go to game
Boger, RaymondToth, Bela Draw 2/23/2009 Go to game
Toth, BelaSoltau, Achim Draw 12/8/2007 Go to game
Giuliani, SanteToth, Bela Black wins 10/12/2008 Go to game
Toth, BelaKarkuth, Siegfried Draw 3/9/2008 Go to game
Dosi, AlbertoToth, Bela Draw 9/9/2008 Go to game
Toth, BelaSoberano, Joaquim Pedro White wins 11/22/2008 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltNimtz, Manfred Draw 11/18/2007 Go to game
Olivotto, LivioKaracsony, Zsolt Draw 9/28/2007 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltBoger, Raymond Draw 3/9/2008 Go to game
Soltau, AchimKaracsony, Zsolt Draw 8/19/2007 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltGiuliani, Sante Draw 1/5/2008 Go to game
Karkuth, SiegfriedKaracsony, Zsolt Draw 12/31/2007 Go to game
Karacsony, ZsoltDosi, Alberto Draw 8/14/2008 Go to game
Soberano, Joaquim PedroKaracsony, Zsolt Draw 7/9/2008 Go to game


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