All games from ICCF Olympiad 17 Preliminaries - Section 05 with status Finished


Karapchanski, Dimitar Z.Bjazevic, Pavao White wins 5/15/2007 Go to game
Søgaard, OveKarapchanski, Dimitar Z. Draw 8/2/2007 Go to game
Karapchanski, Dimitar Z.Dabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak. White wins 7/18/2007 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorKarapchanski, Dimitar Z. White wins 11/24/2006 Go to game
Karapchanski, Dimitar Z.Tiits, Tõnu Draw 5/30/2006 Go to game
Sivenkov, Oleg VasilievichKarapchanski, Dimitar Z. Draw 9/18/2007 Go to game
Karapchanski, Dimitar Z.Chopin, Philippe Draw 5/25/2006 Go to game
Kerr, StephenKarapchanski, Dimitar Z. Draw 7/29/2006 Go to game
Karapchanski, Dimitar Z.Hebels, Albert Draw 7/26/2006 Go to game
Bjazevic, PavaoSøgaard, Ove Black wins 6/4/2007 Go to game
Dabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak.Bjazevic, Pavao Black wins 4/14/2006 Go to game
Bjazevic, PavaoWalsh, Héctor Draw 3/24/2008 Go to game
Tiits, TõnuBjazevic, Pavao White wins 7/1/2006 Go to game
Bjazevic, PavaoSivenkov, Oleg Vasilievich Draw 1/28/2007 Go to game
Chopin, PhilippeBjazevic, Pavao White wins 4/2/2007 Go to game
Bjazevic, PavaoKerr, Stephen Draw 12/2/2006 Go to game
Hebels, AlbertBjazevic, Pavao White wins 3/10/2007 Go to game
Søgaard, OveDabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak. White wins 10/1/2006 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorSøgaard, Ove Draw 10/21/2006 Go to game
Søgaard, OveTiits, Tõnu Black wins 11/12/2006 Go to game
Sivenkov, Oleg VasilievichSøgaard, Ove Draw 10/30/2006 Go to game
Søgaard, OveChopin, Philippe Draw 9/10/2006 Go to game
Kerr, StephenSøgaard, Ove Draw 2/22/2006 Go to game
Søgaard, OveHebels, Albert Draw 7/14/2006 Go to game
Dabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak.Walsh, Héctor Black wins 8/21/2006 Go to game
Tiits, TõnuDabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak. White wins 12/28/2006 Go to game
Dabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak.Sivenkov, Oleg Vasilievich Black wins 7/6/2007 Go to game
Chopin, PhilippeDabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak. White wins 8/21/2006 Go to game
Dabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak.Kerr, Stephen Draw 11/24/2006 Go to game
Hebels, AlbertDabholkar, Pandharinath Suryak. White wins 8/14/2006 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorTiits, Tõnu Draw 8/13/2006 Go to game
Sivenkov, Oleg VasilievichWalsh, Héctor Black wins 10/8/2006 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorChopin, Philippe White wins 7/16/2006 Go to game
Kerr, StephenWalsh, Héctor Draw 4/8/2006 Go to game
Walsh, HéctorHebels, Albert Black wins 9/22/2007 Go to game
Tiits, TõnuSivenkov, Oleg Vasilievich Draw 10/31/2006 Go to game
Chopin, PhilippeTiits, Tõnu Draw 3/18/2006 Go to game
Tiits, TõnuKerr, Stephen Draw 2/20/2006 Go to game
Hebels, AlbertTiits, Tõnu Draw 8/22/2006 Go to game
Sivenkov, Oleg VasilievichChopin, Philippe Draw 3/10/2006 Go to game
Kerr, StephenSivenkov, Oleg Vasilievich White wins 10/27/2006 Go to game
Sivenkov, Oleg VasilievichHebels, Albert White wins 9/20/2006 Go to game
Chopin, PhilippeKerr, Stephen White wins 3/16/2006 Go to game
Hebels, AlbertChopin, Philippe Draw 7/15/2006 Go to game
Kerr, StephenHebels, Albert Draw 1/21/2007 Go to game
Orellana, CarlosSapundjiev, Georgi Draw 3/12/2007 Go to game
Sapundjiev, GeorgiNielsen, Jens Hartung Draw 5/6/2006 Go to game
Gala, Khusal LaxmichandSapundjiev, Georgi Black wins 12/28/2006 Go to game
Sapundjiev, GeorgiRebord, Mauricio Draw 4/30/2006 Go to game
Siigur, JüriSapundjiev, Georgi Draw 6/2/2006 Go to game


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