All games from 2nd Romania Cup - Section B2 with status Finished


Schmidt, RaulPetric, Mihai White defaulted 5/31/2007 Go to game
Dumitrescu, FlorianSchmidt, Raul Black defaulted 12/30/2007 Go to game
Schmidt, RaulBucșa, Ioan White defaulted 12/12/2007 Go to game
Hedreanu, PaulSchmidt, Raul Black defaulted 5/31/2007 Go to game
Schmidt, RaulMoisa, Lucian Black wins 9/1/2007 Go to game
Secrieru, IoanSchmidt, Raul Black defaulted 7/31/2007 Go to game
Petric, MihaiDumitrescu, Florian Black wins 11/10/2007 Go to game
Bucșa, IoanPetric, Mihai Black wins 5/16/2007 Go to game
Petric, MihaiHedreanu, Paul Draw 8/16/2007 Go to game
Moisa, LucianPetric, Mihai Black defaulted 10/30/2007 Go to game
Petric, MihaiSecrieru, Ioan White defaulted 11/13/2007 Go to game
Dumitrescu, FlorianBucșa, Ioan Black wins 8/16/2007 Go to game
Hedreanu, PaulDumitrescu, Florian Draw 6/24/2007 Go to game
Dumitrescu, FlorianMoisa, Lucian Draw 7/12/2007 Go to game
Secrieru, IoanDumitrescu, Florian Black wins 11/28/2007 Go to game
Bucșa, IoanHedreanu, Paul Draw 7/8/2007 Go to game
Moisa, LucianBucșa, Ioan White wins 5/22/2007 Go to game
Bucșa, IoanSecrieru, Ioan White wins 1/3/2008 Go to game
Hedreanu, PaulMoisa, Lucian Black wins 1/17/2008 Go to game
Secrieru, IoanHedreanu, Paul Black wins 3/5/2009 Go to game
Moisa, LucianSecrieru, Ioan White wins 10/25/2007 Go to game

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