All games from WCCF 16th Invitational with status Finished


Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovBiedermann, Thomas Draw 3/16/2024 Go to game
Biedermann, ThomasFelytin, Leonid Draw 3/29/2024 Go to game
Jones, IanKirkov, Toshko Dimitrov Draw 3/8/2024 Go to game
Felytin, LeonidJones, Ian Draw 2/3/2024 Go to game
Keevil, PaulJones, Ian Draw 3/6/2024 Go to game
Jones, IanMartínez Puigrós, Ricardo Draw 4/2/2024 Go to game
Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovFernández Martínez, Juan Carlos Draw 3/18/2024 Go to game
Fernández Martínez, Juan CarlosFelytin, Leonid Draw 3/12/2024 Go to game
Fernández Martínez, Juan CarlosKeevil, Paul Draw 3/31/2024 Go to game
Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovSherwood, Helen Draw 2/9/2024 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellKirkov, Toshko Dimitrov Draw 3/14/2024 Go to game
Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovFelytin, Leonid Draw 1/8/2024 Go to game
Kirkov, Toshko DimitrovKeevil, Paul Draw 1/25/2024 Go to game
Felytin, LeonidSherwood, Helen Draw 3/26/2024 Go to game
Keevil, PaulSherwood, Helen Draw 4/7/2024 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellFelytin, Leonid Draw 3/10/2024 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellKeevil, Paul Draw 4/1/2024 Go to game
Felytin, LeonidDunlop, Gordon Draw 3/3/2024 Go to game
Felytin, LeonidPugh, John Draw 2/15/2024 Go to game
Keevil, PaulFelytin, Leonid Draw 3/14/2024 Go to game
Felytin, LeonidMartínez Puigrós, Ricardo Draw 3/7/2024 Go to game
Pugh, JohnKeevil, Paul Draw 3/2/2024 Go to game

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