All games from SCCA League Div 3 2023 with status Finished


Primrose, JoMcCormick, Roy Black wins 5/13/2023 Go to game
Almarza Mato, CarlosPrimrose, Jo Draw 5/29/2023 Go to game
Primrose, JoMacMillen, Andrew N. White wins 5/29/2023 Go to game
McCormick, RoyAlmarza Mato, Carlos Black wins 4/30/2023 Go to game
MacMillen, Andrew N.McCormick, Roy White wins 10/28/2023 Go to game
Almarza Mato, CarlosMacMillen, Andrew N. White wins 4/8/2023 Go to game
Whitehouse, GuyClark, Michael White wins 7/14/2023 Go to game
Clark, MichaelLindberg, William J. Black wins 3/4/2023 Go to game
Carswell, DavidClark, Michael Black wins 5/30/2023 Go to game
Lindberg, William J.Whitehouse, Guy White wins 4/26/2023 Go to game
Whitehouse, GuyCarswell, David White wins 8/23/2023 Go to game
Carswell, DavidLindberg, William J. Black wins 4/21/2023 Go to game
Holt, Frank Ross, Gavin J. S. White wins 4/10/2023 Go to game
Bruce, RobertHolt, Frank White wins 3/18/2023 Go to game
Holt, Frank Dunn, John Draw 4/14/2023 Go to game
Ross, Gavin J. S.Bruce, Robert Black wins 4/14/2023 Go to game
Dunn, JohnRoss, Gavin J. S. Draw 5/30/2023 Go to game
Bruce, RobertDunn, John White wins 4/21/2023 Go to game
Ash, GrahamWard, Bill White wins 6/21/2023 Go to game
Ward, BillHalliday, James Black wins 5/1/2023 Go to game
Major, BenjaminWard, Bill White wins 7/2/2023 Go to game
Halliday, JamesAsh, Graham White wins 5/21/2023 Go to game
Ash, GrahamMajor, Benjamin White wins 6/23/2023 Go to game
Major, BenjaminHalliday, James Black wins 5/18/2023 Go to game

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