All games from Welsh Championship 2023 with status Finished


Gunn, TomSherwood, Helen Draw 10/22/2023 Go to game
Robinson, JoshGunn, Tom Draw 2/5/2023 Go to game
Gunn, TomWakeham, Marc R. Draw 1/19/2023 Go to game
Morgan, David PhilipGunn, Tom Draw 1/16/2023 Go to game
Gunn, TomHurn, Robert Draw 1/30/2023 Go to game
Scott, PaulGunn, Tom Draw 6/5/2023 Go to game
Gunn, TomAdams, Mark Draw 1/26/2023 Go to game
Bishop, WilliamGunn, Tom Draw 6/28/2023 Go to game
Gunn, TomSherwood, Russell Draw 3/10/2023 Go to game
Coles, JonGunn, Tom Draw 2/15/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenRobinson, Josh Draw 7/22/2023 Go to game
Wakeham, Marc R.Sherwood, Helen Draw 4/8/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenMorgan, David Philip Draw 7/7/2023 Go to game
Hurn, RobertSherwood, Helen Draw 7/29/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenScott, Paul Draw 1/12/2024 Go to game
Adams, MarkSherwood, Helen Draw 4/13/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenBishop, William Draw 9/2/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellSherwood, Helen Draw 3/18/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenColes, Jon White wins 6/11/2023 Go to game
Robinson, JoshWakeham, Marc R. Draw 2/13/2023 Go to game
Morgan, David PhilipRobinson, Josh Draw 2/1/2023 Go to game
Robinson, JoshHurn, Robert White wins 3/14/2023 Go to game
Scott, PaulRobinson, Josh Draw 6/28/2023 Go to game
Robinson, JoshAdams, Mark Draw 3/21/2023 Go to game
Bishop, WilliamRobinson, Josh Draw 6/9/2023 Go to game
Robinson, JoshSherwood, Russell Draw 2/18/2023 Go to game
Coles, JonRobinson, Josh Draw 5/2/2023 Go to game
Wakeham, Marc R.Morgan, David Philip White wins 4/27/2023 Go to game
Hurn, RobertWakeham, Marc R. Draw 3/6/2023 Go to game
Wakeham, Marc R.Scott, Paul Draw 7/23/2023 Go to game
Adams, MarkWakeham, Marc R. Draw 2/22/2023 Go to game
Wakeham, Marc R.Bishop, William Draw 3/27/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellWakeham, Marc R. Draw 3/18/2023 Go to game
Wakeham, Marc R.Coles, Jon Draw 2/15/2023 Go to game
Morgan, David PhilipHurn, Robert White wins 1/25/2023 Go to game
Scott, PaulMorgan, David Philip Draw 6/30/2023 Go to game
Morgan, David PhilipAdams, Mark Draw 1/27/2023 Go to game
Bishop, WilliamMorgan, David Philip Draw 7/8/2023 Go to game
Morgan, David PhilipSherwood, Russell White wins 4/18/2023 Go to game
Coles, JonMorgan, David Philip Draw 3/11/2023 Go to game
Hurn, RobertScott, Paul Draw 2/24/2023 Go to game
Adams, MarkHurn, Robert White wins 2/6/2023 Go to game
Hurn, RobertBishop, William Black wins 3/22/2023 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellHurn, Robert White wins 9/16/2023 Go to game
Hurn, RobertColes, Jon Draw 3/18/2023 Go to game
Scott, PaulAdams, Mark Draw 6/14/2023 Go to game
Bishop, WilliamScott, Paul Draw 8/14/2023 Go to game
Scott, PaulSherwood, Russell Draw 6/1/2023 Go to game
Coles, JonScott, Paul Draw 7/5/2023 Go to game
Adams, MarkBishop, William Draw 7/25/2023 Go to game


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