CAD/M/2004/1, CADAP Torneo Candidatos a Maestro 1/2004

TD Martello, Juan Alberto
1ECU700080 Ajoy, Manuel2200P½½1½½½11½111111166.2501
2BRA70170 Carlsen, Torben Erik2115S½1½10½1110111110.563.7502
3BRA70284 Penna, Paulo Sérgio2299½0½1½½11½1111110.56103
4VEN690016 Barreras García, Alberto22530½½½½½1111111110.558.7504
5PER400166 Estrella, Absalon2082½00½½111½111111055.505
6BRA70993 Sánchez, Milton Gonçalves2276½1½½½½½½1½1½119.558.7506
7CUB690132 Corujedo Hernández, Rafael1926½½½½0½0111½111950.7507
8CUB690449 Rodríguez Agramonte, Julio2200P00000½1½½½1111731.2508
9CHI110084 Parkes, Ricardo2200P00000½0½111111728.2509
10ARG20932 Otero, Carlos2200P½0½0½00½010111628.75010
11PER400216 Yépez Gutiérrez, Julián218201000½0½001111626.75011
12ECU700077 Hidrobo, Marcelo2200P000000½00101114.514012
13VEN530062 Ovalles, Isnel Eduardo2200P00000½000000112.55.75013
14CUB690452 Acevedo Castro, Boris E.2200P0000000000000110014
15VEN530059 Piña, José Manuel2200P0000000000000000015

XP = provisional
XS = start rating
Latest results from 10/26/2006 are displayed in red.

Not finished: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 105

This event is played by email.
The start date was 1/26/2004.
There is no end date.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Ties are broken by the Sonneborn-Berger tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the TD.
Where game scores are available:
Other participants can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
The public can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
This event is organized by Cranbourne, Carlos.

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