GER-POL 2013, Germany-Poland 2013

TD Pyrich, George D. (IA)
Board 1GER GM Baumbach, Fritz  2424½½½½POL Wojnar, Mariusz  2449
Board 2GER SIM Mahling, Thomas  2565½½½½POL SIM Wilczek, Tadeusz  2591
Board 3GER SIM Bellmann, Herbert  2500½½½½POL SIM Kozłowski, Waldemar  2466
Board 4GER SIM Schuster, Peter  2450½½½½POL SIM Walczak, Piotr  2464
Board 5GER SIM Sielaff, Rudolf  2441½½½½POL SIM Baranowski, Tadeusz  2432
Board 6GER Ebert, Jürgen  2413½½½½POL SIM Sawiniec, Jarosław  2425
Board 7GER IM Schaaf, Peter  2395½½½½POL IM Szymański, Robert  2398
Board 8GER IM Schulz, Günter  2392½½½½POL IM Jasiński, Mirosław  2395
Board 9GER SIM Engelhardt, Georg  2390½½½½POL IM Złotkowski, Arkadiusz  2375
Board 10GER IM Mößle, Harald  23571100POL IM Szczepankiewicz, Witosław  2358
Board 11GER Balzert, Antonius  2354½½½½POL Wernikiewicz, Zbigniew  2353
Board 12GER Schmidt, Volkmar  2347½½½½POL Woźnica, Mirosław  2349
Board 13GER Bröker, Clemens  2331½01½POL Łucki, Stanisław  2336
Board 14GER Anderskewitz, Ralf  2329½½½½POL Turczyński, Marian  2321
Board 15GER SIM Andersen, Jens  23190½½1POL Antas, Arkadiusz  2302
Board 16GER Draeger, Wolfgang  23150011POL IM Nowak, Ireneusz  2300
Board 17GER SIM Krabbe, Wolf-Dieter  2310½½½½POL Tymcio, Leszek  2296
Board 18GER Fechner, Joachim  2299½01½POL Peschke, Ireneusz  2296
Board 19GER Kuhne, Detlev  2297½½½½POL Sanner, Zdzisław  2294
Board 20GER Solf, Frank  2295½10½POL IM Lew, Tadeusz  2289
Board 21GER Zimmermann, Falk  2293½½½½POL Brzeszkiewicz, Edmund  2273
Board 22GER Schultheiss, Klaus  22811½½0POL SIM Król, Władysław  2270
Board 23GER Klewe, Wolfgang  22791010POL IM Bucziński, Henryk  2269
Board 24GER Schubert, Volker  2269½½½½POL SIM Lubas, Józef  2262
Board 25GER Schneider, Karl  22661½½0POL Zięba, Zdzisław  2260
Board 26GER Even, Roland  2259½½½½POL Oskulski, Piotr  2256
Board 27GER Groß-Winter, Günter  2241½½½½POL Wójcik, Wiesław  2253
Board 28GER IM Krebs, Jürgen  2240½½½½POL Bałdyga, Józef  2246
Board 29GER Meißner, Rüdiger  2235½½½½POL Brzoza, Mirosław  2238
Board 30GER Warzecha, Helmut  2221½½½½POL Korkus, Marcin  2225
Board 31GER Keitsch, Ulrich  2222½½½½POL Sodomski, Andrzej  2195
Board 32GER Fuhr, Michael  2220½01½POL Probola, Ryszard  2194
Board 33GER Boos, Markus  2215½½½½POL Kukuła, Paweł  2186
Board 34GER Schmidt, Torsten (Jessnitz)  2186½01½POL Trzciński, Ireneusz  2175
Board 35GER Fels, Bernhard  21801½½0POL Wydornik, Robert  2174
Board 36GER Michalek, Martin  2167½01½POL Sienkiewicz, Wojciech  2169
Board 37GER Moedl, Willi  2154½½½½POL Pazderski, Ludwik  2165
Board 38GER Eschert, Uwe  2153½½½½POL Welik, Leszek  2142
Board 39GER Heidtmann, Dirk  2148½½½½POL Kolanek, Roman  2137
Board 40GER Pawlowski, Willi  2126½10½POL Wilczek, Ryszard  2135
Board 41GER Zilian, Jürgen  21091100POL Druś, Michał  2097
Board 42GER Scharf, Norbert  2095½½½½POL Łucki, Kamil  2080
Board 43GER Blittkowsky, Ralf  20890½½1POL Walczak, Tomasz  2078
Board 44GER Milde, Lars  2070½10½POL Korchut, Adam  2063
Board 45GER Wimmer, Ralph G.  20641½½0POL Grabowski, Benedykt  2053
Board 46GER Turowski, Peter-Hinrich  2024½01½POL Fengier, Dariusz  2045
Board 47GER Bieker, Peter  1986½½½½POL Garus, Jerzy  2015
Board 48GER Rabo, Klaus  19800011POL Kamiński, Janusz  1999
Board 49GER Langer, Raimund  19661100POL Kępiński, Janusz  1941
Board 50GER Hammerschmidt, Volker  1940½10½POL Kułakiewicz, Mariusz  1901
Board 51GER Hetzer, Volkhard  2004F1½½0POL Król, Piotr  1859
POL Kamiński, Janusz  1999
Board 52GER Reichelt, Holger  1800P1½½0POL Głowiński, Daniel  1844
Board 53GER Höxter, Heinrich  1800P½10½POL Bryg, Stanisław  1800P
Board 54GER Schmielewski, Frank  1800P½½½½POL Galacki, Lesław  1800P
Board 55GER Meyer, Fritz  1800P1010POL Bartnik, Adam  1800P



XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 110

This is a server event.
The start date was 4/20/2013.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Wojnar, Mariusz.

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