ARG-AUT 2010, Team-Match Argentinien - Austria

TD Mirbach, Thomas (IA)
Deforel, Jorge Eduardo
Hofer, Rudolf
Board 1ARG Mary, Patrick  2549½01½AUT IM Rattinger, Thomas  2525
Board 2ARG SIM Rebord, Mauricio  25080D½½1DAUT SIM Löschnauer, Rüdiger  2465
Board 3ARG Glinz, Adolfo Gustavo  2484½½½½AUT Riemer, Wolfgang  2440
Board 4ARG Rodi Maletich, Luis  2426½½½½AUT IM Altrichter, Ulrich  2435
Board 5ARG Brunsteins, Daniel Bernardo  23881½½0AUT IM Polsterer, Heinz  2429
Board 6ARG Stratta, Rodolfo  2355½½½½AUT IM Pöhr, Adolf  2422
Board 7ARG IM Molo, René Ángel  2314½01½AUT Rada, Hannes  2393
Board 8ARG IM Zárate, Juan Carlos  2298½01½AUT Datler, Werner  2384
Board 9ARG Ramponelli, Roberto  2297½½½½AUT Spindelböck, Gernot  2387
Board 10ARG IM Fernández Fornés, Juan Alberto  2289½½½½AUT Walter, Gerhard  2383
Board 11ARG Giménez, Enrique Omar  2258½½½½AUT Mayr, Franz  2368
Board 12ARG Francovig, Héctor  22540011AUT Spiegel, Wilfried  2360
Board 13ARG Fernández, Javier Horacio  2234½½½½AUT Salamon, Werner  2360
Board 14ARG Mora, Eduardo  2215½0D1D½AUT SIM Gindl, Erich  2357
Board 15ARG Romero, Jorge Alberto  2196½01½AUT Baumegger, Siegfried  2156
Board 16ARG Buchaillot, Luis Mario  2184½½½½AUT SIM Hofer, Rudolf  2347
Board 17ARG González, Juan Bautista  2174½½½½AUT Eyer, Ernst  2343
Board 18ARG Cuttica, Gerardo  21000D0D1D1DAUT Lejsek, Heinz  2338
Board 19ARG Almeida, Rubén Héctor  2084½01½AUT Niese, Peter  2323
Board 20ARG Romano, Gabriel  2010½½½½AUT SIM Grabner, Helmut  2314
Board 21ARG IM Gonçalves, Claudio Javier  19680D0D1D1DAUT Flitsch, Günther  2306
Board 22ARG López Martín, Héctor Eduardo  1903½01½AUT Weilguni, Mag. Johann  2301
Board 23ARG Roldán, Carlos Daniel  182400D1D1AUT Detela, Walter  2294
Board 24ARG Frágola, Horacio Amílcar Enrique  17830D0D1D1DAUT Bolda, Günther  2256
Board 25ARG Omar, Gonzalo Martín  16730011AUT Anreiter, Alois  2240



XD = result by default

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 50

This is a server event.
The start date was 12/31/2009.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Hofer, Rudolf.

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