70th ICCF Jubilee event for postal players D

Postal Rated



When filled

ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 40 days with doubling after 12 days

Mariusz Wojnar

Józef Lubas

Qualification requirements
All postal players are eligible to enter.
Player's postal address must be provided.
No multiple entries.
The tournament will be played via postcards (except in very special and exceptional situations), so if someone is planning to play via email, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the Jubilee World Cup instead, which is played via the ICCF server.

Annex 5. The 70th ICCF Jubilee event for postal players

Tournament Organization

It will be one stage event carried out in few sections to which players will be assigned according to the rating. Depending on section and number of entries it will be either (double/ single) round robin or Silli tournament. All sections will be rated with title norms if possible.

The tournament will be played by post with standard rate of play (40 days for every 10 moves, duplication after 12 days; 45 days leave per year, no special leave).

The tournament will start on 2021-03-15; end date 2025-01-15. All unfinished games will be adjudicated.


All players are eligible to enter.

Players may register in the usual way through ICCF registration system. No entry fee.

Registration will begin 2020-08-15 and will close on 2021-01-15 to allow for pairings.


Occasional certificates for winners will be awarded.

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