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Article provided by: Michael SPOONER, updated by LEUNG Hin-sing (Henry)


Correspondence chess started in Hong Kong in 1983 under the sponsorship of one of Hong Kong’s leading English language newspapers, the South China Morning Post. To begin with there were only local competitions, but in 1989, Hong Kong joined the ICCF to start competing in the overseas events.

International Tournaments

It was at about this time that Hong Kong players began to take part in international competitions of various kinds. Individual players have participated in tournaments of various types and at various levels, particularly the NAPZ promotion tournaments and recently the Afro/Asian Championships where we have three players finished in top three rankings in semifinals, while friendly matches been played against other countries: initially Norway and Canada, and subsequently Finland, Gerresheim of Germany, New Zealand, BCCA of Britain, Austria, Sweden, the NCCC of England, Scotland, England, South Africa, IECC of USA, Iceland, Australia, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Ecuador, Portugal, Romania, Peru, Turkey, Switzerland, USA, Italy, India and Germany. Hong Kong has also taken part in the Pacific Area Team Tournaments II (started 1987), III (1992), IV (1999) awarded Bronze Prize, and V (2006): and in the Olympiads XII (started 1992), XIII (1998), XV (2003), XVII (2006) and XVIII (2009).


Hong Kong Champions
(Year ended)

I (1986) George Murphy, II (1988) Arnulfo Domenden, III (1990) Henry Leung, IV (1993) Henry Leung, V (1996) Geoff Wise, VI (1998) Glenn Turner, VII (2001) Geoff Wise, VIII (2003) Chris Champion, IX (2005) Michael Spooner, X (2007) Michael Spooner, XI (2009) Graeme Hall, XII (2011) Allan Johnston.


Leung Hin-sing (Henry)


Chris Champion


Michael Spooner




Outstanding Player

Hong Kong’s best player was Geoff WISE, who achieved the IM title in 1998 and SIM title in 2000, died in 2009.


Geoff WISE (18.08.1932-25.06.2009)


Correspondence chess achievements:

    2007 ICCF rating: 2486
    ICCF title: Senior International Master (2000), International Master (1998).
    World Championship XXI Semi-final: 3rd, 8.5/13, +5=7-1, IM norm.
    World Championship XXII Semi-final: 3rd, 9/14, +5=8-1, IM norm.
    XII Olympiad (Bd.2): 2nd, 7.5/11, +6=3-2.
    XV Olympiad (Bd.1): 6.5/11, +2=9-0, SIM norm.
    XVII Olympiad(Bd.1): 4.5/10, +1=7-2, IM norm.
    PATT 3 (Bd.4): 1st, 6/8, +5=2-1.
    PATT 4 (Bd.1): 6.5/10, +4=5-1, IM norm.



Correspondence chess in Hong Kong is still a very much a minority interest, as indeed is face to face, over the board chess. Many of our players, of both styles, come from overseas, and are here in Hong Kong for only limited periods of time. Indeed, some of our of best correspondence players no longer live in Hong Kong at all, but are happy to maintain their connection with us and to continue to play

in our teams long after they have left. In this regard, a recent development for both players and organisers has been the use of a new playing format-webchess, in competitions specifically designed for this mode of transmission. All Hong Kong players like this system of play and have proved adaptable rapidly to it. All in all, however, we are (just about!) able to make sure that Hong Kong is fully represented in the various types of competition that are on offer.




Top Players
PlaceICCF IDTitleNameRating

1 780052 IM Tsang, Hon-ki2419
2 780087 CCM Wong, Lai Hei Hysan2301
3 513254 Helman, Barnard2040
4 780058 Yeung, Chun Keung1789

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