CZE-AUS/NZL, Czech Republic-Australia/NZL

TD De Blois Figueredo, Adrián
Czech RepublicWhiteBlackWhiteBlackAustralia/New Zealand
Board 1CZE SIM Bureš, Jiljí  2483½½½½NZL SIM Freeman, Michael Roy  2513
Board 2CZE SIM Michálek, Miroslav  2459½½½½AUS SIM Kerr, Stephen  2483
Board 3CZE SIM Rybák, Milan  2452½½½½AUS SIM Runting, Tim E.  2445
Board 4CZE Valinová, Jana  23601½½0AUS Fenwick, John Paul  2423
Board 5CZE IM Laurenc, Petr  23521½½0NZL Gibbons, Robert E.  2347
Board 6CZE SIM Sýkora, Josef  2338½10½NZL Wigbout, Max  2252
Board 7CZE Pecka, Josef  2337½01½AUS Foster, Keith G.  2283
Board 8CZE Jirků, Jaroslav  23121½½0AUS Gross, M. C.  2216
Board 9CZE Mezera, Lukáš  2303½10½AUS Stock, Gunter  2167
Board 10CZE Tunega, František  2248½½½½AUS Flude, David A.  2129
Board 11CZE Glaser, Karel  22381½½0AUS Davidson, Jamie  2105
Board 12CZE Kudr, Roman  22151½½0AUS Pott, Brian  2009
Board 13CZE Pavlíček, Miroslav  22101½½0AUS Devine, Greg A.  1990
Board 14CZE Černovský, Karel  22031100AUS Eraclides, George  1990
Board 15CZE Kratochvíl, Václav  2199N½01½AUS LIM Henri, Veronica  1896
Board 16CZE Fuka, Miroslav  21801100AUS Groenhout, Ron  1833
Board 17CZE Dlouhý, Radek  21541100AUS Wark, Peter  1750
Board 18CZE Cvak, Rudolf  21301½½0AUS Dempster, Dave  1743
Board 19CZE Kratochvíl, Jan  20921100AUS Caissa, Peter  1800P
Board 20CZE Hlaváček, Ladislav  18991100AUS Cook, Patrick  1548



XN = national rating
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 40

This is a server event.
The start date was 9/25/2010.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Mrkvička, Josef.

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